‘‘Cré’’ is an exhibition of current work by the 3rd year ceramic students of LSAD 2022. The collection of images and artists statements within, provides a window into the thoughts and ideas which have been developed and expressed in the ceramic work that will feature in the exhibition.

The starting point for all these pieces was a project brief based on two lists of descriptor and source words. Each student chose a word from each list that inspired them. These combinations of words developed their body of work. This similar starting point has evolved into a varied collection of work that is as exciting and innovative as the artists and designers themselves.

The work presented in this exhibition showcases an extensive amount of dedication, skill and determination, with thanks to the continuous guidance and assistance of our tutors Mandy Parslow, Gemma Dardis, Owen Quinlan, Fiona Bourke and Anthony Horrigan and our technician Jason McCarthy.




Catalogue 3rd Year Exhibition
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4063 E 248 CCE 2 4 D 8 D 8 D 03 3 A 3 A 0 FF 02789
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Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne is a renowned artist, that works in the fields of both ceramics and print. He has come from a background of design and has also been a course leader in the LSAD ceramic department. Through a ‘loose interpretation’ of the elements of a jug, he explores the familiarity of the everyday objects we are surrounded by, in terms of ‘symbolism, the history of ceramics and material culture’ and the interlinking of ‘design, function, narrative and art’.

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