Paul Griffin


“ What nature is, is visible on its surface.”

Ernst Haeckel

By nature humans are visual beings. Nature is made up of many different ecosystems with a vast amount of diversity that we cannot see, such as microscopic organisms, deep sea plant life and creatures. All of the planets ecosystems are linked, supporting life as we know it.

Microorganisms have been evolving for nearly 3.5 billion years creating much of the planets ecological balance. Over the last 300 years with the rise of the industrial revolution we have been polluting the planet wiping out many species and bringing many others to the brink of extinction. Contemporarily the use of aerosol sprays have created one of the greatest threats to our existence through VOCs, volatile organic compounds. Through this work I would hope to highlight the damage we are doing to the unseen life on our planet. I ask you to question and think beyond what is visible to us, in a world where there is a great beauty and diversity not visible to the naked eye that is currently been destroyed.



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