Beck Getsee

'Synergy of the Prama'

My work focuses on the interpretation of the ephemerality of the
spiritual aspect of the Prama into the physical.
I take inspiration from the ancient belief in the four elements – Fire,
Water, Earth, and Air – are the critical forces that sustain all life.

“Synergy of the Prama” is a collection that concentrates on the
elements as I see them in their most impactful forms, interacting
with the world. The chaotic destruction of fire, the grounding force
of the earth, the violent yet fluid nature of water, and the playful
intermingling of the air as it weaves through us, dancing like smoke
as a constant that is essential for life.

This series explores the dynamic energy of these elements as they
exist in tandem, four separate forces that congregate in a synergy
known as the Prama – the life force of the earth.


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